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Welcome to my humble abode on the web. Please enjoy your stay and feel free to take your time. Here you will find information about my personal life as well as my professional goals.

I am a recent Graduate of Colorado State University with a degree in Computer Information Systems. I am currently living in Loveland Colorado, and truly love this beautiful state. In my life outside the matrix some of my favorite activities are: astronomy, hiking, biking, fishing, and just enjoying the great outdoors. I find nature to be peaceful and serene, and I love to sit and marvel at the wonderful of creation God has given us, and would hope everyone takes the time to daydream no matter how busy life seems.

Among these pages you will find links and pages containing information about my life. Each on is specially created to show you a perspective of things through my own personal lens. Just like everyone else, my life has a story. I hope you find the stories fascinating and the pages enjoyable. If you wish, take time to write a quick e-mail, I check my mailbox consistantly, and will try to respond in a quick manner.

-Gary Hughes

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May 29, 2002 I had my Double Lung Transplant!! Read my story here.

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